Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Generally, the upper mid-westerners tend to be pre-tty passive aggressive when it comes to saying not-so-nice things.  Here is what they think about watering down their beloved dairy delicacy just for your own health.  At least they didn't say it to your face.

God Bless you, Wisconsin.  (Photo credit: Mom and Dad)

Monday, August 29, 2011

BIG girl, little city

I sat down to study for my Music History Graduate Review and started a blog.  No one can accuse me of being unproductive.  Fortunately for all of you (Hi Mom), I don't have much to say.  For those of you interested (Hi again, Mom), this will be my outlet for what will be my "little city" musings.  Not that Minneapolis is NYC or LA, but it is NOT Norman, OK.  Let's just get that out of the way.  And for those of you that know me (okay, seriously Mom? How many shout outs do you need in one blog? We're not on tv here, okay?) you know that I am an observer.  So, maybe just think of me as a scientist and this as my experiment journal.  A human scientist.  In a much less creepy connotation than "human scientist" infers.  Basically, this is my outlet to the world.

Although, thank Gawd for SuperTarget (shout out to Minneaple!) which has served as my comfort of home.  (Aunt Noreen, I KNOW you KNOW how I feel)

Since we all know how bad I am at making phone calls (Now a shout out to the ADD culture of America's children of the '80's) I figure this will be a primary source of my life in Norman.  So, hopefully, between the times when I'm desperate to hear your voices, you can live with me "here".  I already have two weeks worth of "adventures" to divulge.  It's already an interesting journey.

First observed plus of living here: LOTS o' "sir's" & "ma'am's".  Lots.  Proper Southern manners rule.

I'll report back soon enough, but it's back to Lully ballets and Josquin de Prez motets.