Saturday, September 3, 2011

OKC is Cool

Oklahoma City is pretty cool.

Last night, the girls and I checked out the Paseo District, or the Arts District, for their yearly Art Crawl.  Picture below; The "Poppy" gang, as we call ourselves, enjoying the free (cheap) bubbly and some really wonderful work by an artist from Philly.

Coming from a city that is devoted to local art support, I was pleasantly surprised.   The streets were packed with  people of all ages enjoying the comparatively cool breeze and  live music on the lawns.  Also, scored a vintage houndstooth coat for $10.  BAM.  Can't beat that.  OKC is a much more progressive community than I imagined.  A lot of young people, and even more art galleries and small, local eateries. All the "comforts" of home. Point is, witnessed some lovely art and some lovely people last night.

On another note, I've been cooking every night, which I love to do but didn't do as much of in Minneapolis thanks to all of my restaurant homies.  Pics below of some of my experiments.  They include, Chicken gyro with homemade tzatziki sauce, penne pasta with homemade garlic and basil tomato sauce, asparagus with red wine vinegar and olive oil marinade and kalamatas, glazed peaches with blue cheese crumbles and a margherita piza with sauteed mushrooms topped with a fried egg (a la Tim McKee, owner of La Belle Vie, my former place of employment, and James Beard award winner)

I would end on "Bon Appetit", but...

Tonight is devoted to College football.  Boomer Sooner and, more importantly, GOOOO GATORS!!!!



  1. That looks delicious - with the exception of the healthy stuff. Can you send us your recipe for homemade tzatziki sauce? Eva has been trying to make some for a while.

  2. 1. You need to give Boomer Sooner higher billing than Go Gators for now. 2. I sort of cooked supper last night. Brought home leftover popcorn from the movies.